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Hire Professional Makeup Artist for Wedding

Posted in Fashion World on 2014-04-11 08:24:57 | 0 comments |

Wedding is the time when we are engaged in different kinds of works. There are various types of arrangements which we have to make and we also have to take care of the guests. It is a time when we have to handle different things simultaneously. Furthermore we also have to take care of the wedding preparations. Bride should look perfect on her day which is extremely important. It is going to be the most important day for her. Therefore we have to take all the necessary steps that can ma..


Posted in Fashion World on 2014-04-11 01:56:55 | 0 comments |

Singapore is officially known as Republic of Singapore and it is a sovereign city and an island country that is found in the Southeast of Asia. The country lies in Malay Peninsula southern tip and 170 km north of Equator. In the world Singapore happens to be a major commercial hub with one of the busiest ports and fourth biggest financial centre. Singapore has a lot to offer but for the ..

Natural Hair vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

Posted in Fashion Designer on 2014-03-28 06:58:08 | 0 comments |

There are a lot of disputes and stereotypes about synthetic hair extensions and natural one. Many people can't venture to do it because they are afraid to spoil hair but they forget about advantages of this procedure. Of course, if you have beautiful long natural hair there is no need for you to do hair extensions, but if not, this is a real way out for you. Below there are the most popular ste..

How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Girlfriend

Posted in Fashion Design on 2014-03-26 02:48:29 | 0 comments |

Every girl wants to feel special with the man she is around with. And if you are planning to propose to her, there is nothing better than doing it with a ring. But do you know what your girl friend prefers? The infographic will suggest you the various ways through which you can find the best engagement ring for your girl friend...


Choosing an outfit for a fatty

Posted in Fashion Design on 2014-03-25 06:55:19 | 0 comments |

In the modern world there is a tendency of increasing the number of overweight people. Not all of them need to lose weight, but since they have a curvy body shapes, they should choose their own unique style ..

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Basics of Buying Jewelry

Posted in Fashion World on 2014-02-20 04:57:26 | 0 comments |

Classic Creations manufactures jewelery using a wide variety ..